Links to Local Anderson Businesses

We Support LOCAL Anderson Businesses

Local Business is vital to our Local Economy here in Anderson and that is why we show a very strong support of local businesses.  We have included a list of Local businesses that we do business with.

Electric City Credit

Having good credit is possible for EVERYONE and Electric City Credit can show you the easy road.  You can raise your credit score on average 100 points in just a short time

Chip Pepitone                                                                                                         (864) 881-3366

NLK Lawn Care, LLC

Norm Kohlhoff                                                                                                     (864) 940-1176

Secure Fencing and Carpentry

John Steele                                                                                                         (864) 423-6254

                                                                                                                           (864) 382-1247

Pheasant Ridge Community Newsletter

Promote your business locally in the growing community of Pheasant Ridge.  For advertising rates and deadlines, please contact:

Electric City Web Company                                                                                   (864) 881-8550